About Us

The SBD Brands Ltd was established by beer industry professionals with wide experience in the international brewing business. We foresaw that the growing consolidation of the UK beer industry by big international companies would lead to an increasing dominance by small numbers of UK-brewed brands with ubiquitous distribution. This emergence of mainstream “power” brands inevitably leads to less real product differentiation and less choice as brewers seek to make range supply deals with large trade customers. This “industry-lead” push for fewer, bigger brands contrasts with the desire by many contemporary consumers for more variety, more authenticity and more differentiation in the beers they are offered. They want choice. The recent regeneration of cask beers is symptomatic of that desire.

It is recognition of what consumers’ want that drives SBD Brands Ltd. Hence we represent a range of “choice drinks” that offer premium quality, real character, a distinctive style of presentation and an exciting and relevant provenance. We enable the consumer to “discover” distinctive and authentic choice brands.

Choice brands are important for the future development of the UK drinks market. They offer retailers in all channels the opportunity to differentiate their offer and to more closely meet the needs of their particular customer base. Indeed, there is a synergy between a premium outlet and the products it offers. A good choice brand has a positive impact on the customer perceptions of the outlet; a good premium outlet has a positive impact on the customer perception of a choice brand.

We have long-established relationships with the owners of a number of international beer and spirits brands and we have strong links with the US market through a significant US shareholder in our business.

We provide brand owners with a range of services – providing expert market knowledge and insights, bringing products to market, and finding and recruiting appropriate importers and distributors.

Thereafter, SBD Brands Ltd maintains positive in-market relationships, cooperating with the local partners to establish the desired brand positioning, to provide appropriate brand support services, to develop winning sales strategies and to build profitable sales. We provide brand owners with on-going market analysis, and identify opportunities for new brand initiatives and product innovation.