Rosarda Rosé Beer

This innovative beer is a response to the growing consumer demand among younger drinkers, for fruity, lighter-tasting alcoholic drinks.

Rosarda Rosé is an easy-drinking, fruit flavoured beer that fits well with these contemporary trends. Its lightly hopped style appeals to those consumers - particularly but by no means exclusively females, - who normally don’t choose to drink beers because of the traditional association with bitter taste.

Rosarda Rosé is imported from a Belgian family brewery, which is situated in the Flanders region of Belgium. It has a base of award-winning premium quality Belgian White Beer, which is blended with the natural juice of red summer berries plus a dash of oak-aged Belgian Ale to balance the sweetness of the juice and give the Rosé its refreshing character.

Rosarda Rosé is supplied in cases of 12 x 25cl bottles, 24 x 25cl bottles and 30-litre kegs.

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